Fondazione GraphiTech (FG) – Italy

Graphitech - Centre for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies ( is a no-profit applied research centre which conducts research and development activities in the broad technology area of advanced computer graphics, mixed reality and communication and information systems. FG has been contributing towards the transfer of knowledge between the research sector and the industry through the promotion of research on advanced graphic, information processing and visual communication, including virtual reality and virtual engineering. Specifically its competences cover the following domains: 1) Augmented engineering including virtual and augmented reality, cooperative virtual environments, 3D visualisation and interaction; 2) Interactive systems, incl. visual programming, multi-modal dialogues; 3) 3D GIS and networked system for management and streaming of geospatial data. FG has been involved in several RTD and industrial projects both at the EU and at the national level focusing on intelligent multimodal interfaces, interactions with collaborative augmented reality environments, large scale visualization system for geographical data, web-service-based architecture to manage, distribute, navigate and interact with geospatial data. It is currently technical coordinator of the FP7 project i-Tour “intelligent Transport system for Optimized URban trips” and coordinator of a ICT-PSP project BRISEIDE “BRIdging SErvices, Information and Data for Europe” of which is coordinator (, and coordinator of the project GEPSUS “Geographical Information Processing for Environmental Pollution-related Security within Urban Scale environments“ funded by the NATO.

Role in the project

FG is responsible for overall coordination of the project. Additionally it will play a key role in WP4 for the development of the web client, mobile components and rasterisation component for solar potential assessment, through extension of existing technology developed by FG. FG will also contribute to awareness and dissemination activities providing liaison with the EC as well as with other relevant projects (BRISEIDE and i-Tour). Last but not lest FG will be responsible for coordination of the Pilot in Trento, Italy.

Key Staff involved in the project

Dr Raffaele De Amicis is Director of FG, he holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph.D. on Surface Modelling in Virtual Environments. He has been research fellow at the Industrial Applications Department of Fraunhofer Institute, Darmstadt and senior researcher at the Interactive Graphics Systems Group, University of Darmstadt. He has been involved in several EU and Industrial projects. He was co-director of a NATO ARW on “Geographical Information Processing and Visual Analytics for Environmental Security”. He is coordinator of the projects BRISEIDE and GEPSUS. Dr Giuseppe Conti is senior researcher at FG since 2002, he received a MEng in Civil Engineering and a PhD degree at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He has worked for international engineering consultants UK. He has been involved in several EU and industrial projects dealing with issues related to the use of Virtual Reality to planning, large terrain 3D visualization and in the context of geobrowsers. He is the board of AM/FM GIS Italy association. He has been invited speaker at a number of international events including a number of NATO initiatives on GIS. He is scientific manager of the EU project i-Tour and operational manager of the project BRISEIDE. He has more than 90 publications in the field of computer graphics and applications. Dr. Federico Prandi has been working in FG since 2009. He received a master degree in Environmental Engineering and a PhD degree in Geodesy and Geomatic at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. Since 2002 he conducts research on these topics within the framework of several national and international projects. He is technical manager of the project BRISEIDE.. His main research interests include GIS, Cartography, and photogrammetry data processing. Mr Diego Taglioni started the career in 1996 at Finmeccanica Group, as patent manager and subsequently as marketing product manager for wireless networks and end-to-end application in the civilian sector for major accounts, such as telecom operators. He worked at NTT DoCoMo as business advisors for the strategic alliances with EU wireless operators. He has been the head of strategic alliances at WIND Telecomunicazioni from 2001 up to 2006, being also the chairman of the international i-mode Alliance in 2004/06. From 2007 up to 2010 he worked as strategic consultant with focus on technology transfer activities and promoting spin-offs with major research centers in Italy. Since 2010 he has joined FG as business development manager and quality manager for EU projects.