The i-SCOPE project has carried out a number of different liaisons and clustering initiatives, continuously seeking for cooperation with other European, national and local projects, initiatives and institutions. The project has considered liaisons with other projects, initiatives and institutions as one of the most important and successful lines of activity at various levels, i.e. exchange of technology, scientific achievements, best practices, training materials, definition of joint development agendas, enlargement of the pilot scope and network of stakeholders, maximization of awareness and so on.

The i-SCOPE has established liaisons with the following initiatives and municipalities:

  • CEN/TC 287 Geographic Information
  • Verona Municipality
  • Internazionale Festival


The high quality products and services, as well as the importance of i-SCOPE final outcomes for the society have been recognized even beyond the boundaries of the European Union that brought to the establishment of liaisons with the:

  • WYNG Foundation
  • University of Chicago - Facilities Services