Proposed Services/Solutions

i-SCOPE delivers an open source toolkit for 3D smart city services based on 3D Urban Information Models (UIM), created from accurate urban-scale geospatial information.

The smart services proposed address the following three scenarios:

  • Improved inclusion and personal mobility of aging people and diversely able citizens.
  • Energy dispersion & solar energy potential assessment.
  • Noise mapping & simulation.



i-SCOPE integrates a number existing technologies as federation of interoperable web-services which will ensure interoperability through support of OGC standards.

  1. The project is based on use of CityGML as Urban Information Model on top of which 3D smart city services are created.
  2. Smart services will be accessible via a web-based 3D client as well as through mobile applications that is used to crowdsource environmental (noise) data from the citizens.
  3. To do so i-SCOPE implements technology as Location-Based Service. For this reason i-SCOPE develops trustable, secure privacy schemes to ensure the highest level of protection of users’ information.
  4. Finally i-SCOPE will use ultrafast internet technologies (two fiber-optic regional-scale networks).