Lazio Region (LAZ) – Italy

Lazio Region ( is a local autonomous authority with its own statute, power and functions in accordance withthe principles established by the Constitution.

The most important functions of Regione Lazio are involve the health sector, social welfare, training, vocational education, town planning, public housing, economic development, tourism and cultural activities, agriculture, forestry, mining, regional public transport, public works, environment, and implementation of EU regulations and policies.

The Regional Urbanism Directorate is responsible for the production of the regional technical cartography.

At the same time, it ensures the dissemination of geographical data, produced by the other regional directorates, by the means of the SITR (Regional Spatial Information System).

At this stage, the Directorate is involved, at institutional level, in:

  • Design of National Spatial metadata profile as extension of INSPIRE profile
  • Design of common national minimum data set for spatial planning
  • Design of networking infrastructure based on INSPIRE recommendation
  • Design an interoperability model both on vertical and horizontal level

This activity is developed in the context of an inter-institutional board, founded by the Ministry of Innovation.

Role in the project

LAZ will be in charge of a further pilot hence they will be active throughout of the project from the definition of requirements, to data collection and harmonisation, to pilot testing. With particular regard to pilot stage LAZ will have a driving role with the other pilot-related partners. Additionally LAZ will play a key role in terms of dissemination having the leadership of the T.6.3        Awareness initiatives targeted to citizens. Last but not least LAZ will be responsible for the organisation of the i-SCOPE international conference which will be hosted in Rome.

Key Staff involved in the project

Procaccini Patrizia - Experience in the fields technical cartography, GIS, topographic data bases, metadata, communication standards. Varcasia Sergio - Over ten years of activity in geographical information systems, digital urban representation, interactive multimedia, Web management. Simone Patella – Software Engineer. Experience in software analysis and design (design patterns and frameworks), desktop and web application development (Java, C++, J2EE), database model design and administration, geographical information systems.