Magistrat Der Stadt Wien (Wien) - Austria

Vienna ( is the capital of the Republic of Austria and one of the 9 federal states of Austria. WIEN is Austria's primary city, with a population of about 1.7 million (2.4 million within the metropolitan area), and is by far the largest city in Austria, as well as its cultural, economic, and political centre. It is the 10th-largest city by population in the European Union. WIEN is host to many major international organizations, such as the United Nations and OPEC. WIEN lies in the east of Austria and is close to the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. These regions work together in a European Centrope border region.

In a 2005 study of 127 world cities, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked WIEN first for quality of life. This assessment was mirrored by the Mercer Survey in 2009 and 2010. WIEN was ranked 1st globally for a culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and 2nd globally in 2009 from 256 cities in the Innovation Cities Index. As a city, WIEN regularly hosts urban planning conferences and is often used as a case study by urban planners

The City of WIEN is a unit of local administration and at the same time of regional administration at the level of a federal state. WIEN is independent in decision-making within its sphere of powers pursuant to the Constitution. City Administration body involved is the central department of the head of the city administration with its unit for Organization and Security and administration department 14 Information and Communication Technology.

The City of WIEN has committed itself to the concept of Open Data – an open and transparent system that makes city data available to citizens for their further use. The city administration has thus decided to open its data records to the population, businesses and the scientific community. Relevant data range from statistics and geographic data or traffic and transport to economic figures. Personal data are strictly excluded from the Open Data concept.

Role in the project

WIEN will ensure, through close cooperation with partner CEIT, deployment of a further pilot with focus on differenty-abled-friendly routing. WIEN’s role will be therefore:

  • Assist with the definition of requirements for the pilot and support of the pilot development and deployment.
  • Assist with the validation of results and support during the pilot stage to assess the pilot in operational scenarios.
  • Awareness, dissemination and exploitation activities of the project outputs to citizens, internal stakeholders and external exchange of best practice with other cities

Key Staff involved in the project

Josef Dirmüller, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), department for organization and security, business unit in the central department of the head of the city administration, is responsible for updating and operationalizing the ICT strategy of the City of Vienna (WIEN), for geo-information and for Open Government Data

Wolfgang Jörg, Mag., municipal administration department 14 Information and Communication Technology, coordinator of ViennaGIS, coordination of provision of spatial data / test data, coordination of deployment of Geo-services

Rainer Haselberger, Dipl-Ing, municipal administration department 14 Information and Communication Technology, head of unit responsible for environment, transport and businesses in this field.