Geofoto d.o.o. (GEOF) – Croatia

The company was established in Zagreb, on 1st September 1993, with focus on the photogrammetric, geoinformation, cartographic and cadastral services. In past 17 years, it grew to GEOFOTO Group (, which today has fourteen member companies, out of which each is leading in its local market.

The main activities are aerial photography, digital photogrammetry, cadastral survey, production of topographic and cadastral databases, design and creation of geoinformation systems and solutions and digital cartography.

Through member companies of the Group, company is represented around the world - in Europe through Infomax (Zagreb), Geofoto Zenit (Skopje), Geofoto London (London), Terramap Praha (Prague), Geofoto Scandinavia (Oslo) and Geofoto Belgrade (Beograd); in the Middle East through Geofoto Dubai; in Latin America through Geofoto Latinoamerica (La Paz) and Geofoto Argentina (Buenos Aires) and in North America through Terramap USA (NY) also as in Bulgaria (Geofoto Bulgaria) and Switzerland (International Geofoto).

As one of the top ten companies in the global market and leading company in domain of geodesy and geoinformation in Europe, Geofoto Group employs more than 160 experts, whose knowledge is considered to be the main strength and value of the company.

International clients are Governments of Moldova, Sudan, Panama, Poland, Switzerland, Belarus, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, BiH, Foreign governmental bodies (ALUZNI-Albania, SNA-Bolivia, Statens Kartverk-Norway, DARS-Slovenia, RGZ-Serbia, Danish Agency for Cartography and Spatial Data…), International Institutions (MCA, EU – CARDS, ITF, PHARE, World Bank), Boeing, etc. Domestically Geofoto is partner of Governmental bodies, Agencies and Institutions, City Administration Offices and large private companies.

In the beginning of 2010, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development became minority shareholder in Geofoto Group. Through this partnership with international financial institution present in 29 countries of Central Europe and Asia, management of the company gained additional support with important strategic decisions as well as support in further development of business model and production processes.

Role in the project

GEOF will be responsible for development of service component necessary to process airborne infrared imaging. Furthermore GEOF will provide technical support to the two pilot locations in Croatia (in cooperation with partners ZAD and ZAG). Last but not least GEOF will be responsible for coordination of WP7 leading initiatives dealing with IPR management and exploitation (incl. business plan).

Key Staff involved in the project

Nika Jeričević has extensive knowledge in defining the Intellectual Property Rights strategies and licensing policies for geo-information and information technology. She is consultant for Legal Issues and expert in Project Management and Quality control. Dragan Divjak is Head of Cartographic department. He received Master degree in Geodesy and Geoinformation from Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He worked for Croatian State Geodetic Administration as Head of Department for topographic databases. He is involved in implementation of Croatian NSDI as a member of technical group for technical standards and as a member of Croatian Standards Institute. His main competencies are spatial data management, topographic and cartographic systems, standardization and SDI.