City of Baia Mare (BAIA) – Romania

Baia Mare (, is the city capital of Maramures county, according to the 2002 census, has 137.921 inhabitants and expanses over 23,247 ha. Baia Mare has long been a mining town with related industrial areas for processing of copper, lead, silver and gold. Baia Mare in the last fifteen years has undertaken a development path that will move the city towards forms of economy more linked to services and new technologies (based on R&D). This path of development of a post-industrial economy is not easy, even if Baia Mare is a very dynamic city, continuously expanding and changing and able to be a frontrunner as regarding innovation. The municipality has implemented a graphic interactive system for administration management–SIGMA which is a software solution that combines advanced management capabilities with basic GIS functions, the interface being built over an interactive digital map. The aim of this approach is to assist public administration high-level management in the analysis and decisions establishment processes as well as in setting policies and regional development strategies, involving the management of information, costs and relations with partners and citizens in order to facilitate a better and faster data interpretation through a graphical geospatial representation.

Baia Mare was involved in several projects such as: Ad Personam ( to promote Local Public Transport in medium-sized cities; CATCH-Carbon Aware Travel CHoice (; BHC-Building Healthy Communities (; LUMASEC-Land Use Management for Sustainable European Cities (

Role in the project

Assist with Requirement analysis, system specifications, data inventory, privacy & security analysis, data collection. Assist with Deployment of "smart" services toolkit especially by participating to pilot actions (Disable-friendly personal routing service; Environmental noise simulation; Solar energy potential assessment service) as well as to assist in the development of Mobile client applications for citizens and Integration of new smart services with existing service infrastructures. Assist with Pilots deployment and assessment. Assist with Awareness, networking and dissemination, especially with Awareness initiatives targeted to citizens and Workshops. Assist with the validation of results in operational scenarios during the pilot stage. To exchange best practice with other cities.

Key Staff involved in the project

Project coordinators – 3 persons (without financial involvement). Mr. Catalin CHERECHES - Mayor of Baia Mare as general coordinator of the project. Ms. Carmen POP - Economical Director as financial coordinator. Mr. Vasile BARBUL - City Manager as Technical coordinator.
Project Implementation Unit – 8 persons.  Ms. Bianca Bodea - as transport expert, University of Baia Mare, Faculty of Letters, experience in the elaboration and implementation of projects with external financing - the local urban development plans - including: Improving the urban public transport by extending the trolley network and related infrastructure in Baia Mare and a Trans-border project with Ukraine for resolving emergencies situations. Mr. Dan Carpov - as ITC expert – postgraduate degree in Informatics and Programming, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, postgraduate in Project Management at Nord University Baia Mare, experience in project implementation, experience in project management for the Municipality. Ms. Simona Fabian - as environmental expert related to noise, Chemical engineer, University of Cluj Napoca City, Faculty of Chemical Technology, experience in implementation of environmental projects with European financing / Ms. Adina DUMITRU – as solar energy expert. Mr. Andrei Bakk - as Urban expert, experience in urban and architecture design; he has 15 years of experience within Municipality / Mr. Stefan PASKUCZ – as Architectural expert. Ms. Raluca Simon as accounting expert, economist, University of Cluj-Napoca,, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, experience in implementation of project. Ms. Delia Varga as communication and PR expert, Translator Conference Interpreter for English French University of Baia Mare, Faculty of Letters, experience in implementation of project.

Management of the Project – 3 persons. Mr. Edmund Futo - as urban coordinator, Chief Architect of City Hall Baia Mare, experience in Urban and architecture design, sustainable planning. Ms. Mariana Popescu - Chief of Environmental Department as project management, engineer, Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, over 21 years of experience in the environmental protection: environmental quality monitoring, evaluation of environmental impact of different activities, elaboration of strategies and action plan for environmental improvement, international programs and projects, member from 1998 in National Association of Environmental Managers and Assessors. Mr. Dorin Miclaus - Chief of Strategy, Development, Cooperation department as strategy coordinator. Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara (electronic engineer) and Martin School of Public Policy and Administration-Lexington, Kentucky, USA, over 11 years of experience in project management and over 4 years experience in strategic planning.