City of Indjija (INDJIJA) – Serbia

Indjija ( is a town in the Srem region located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora, 40 km north east of capital Belgrade. It is on the half way between Belgrade and Novi Sad – on the place where the two important European corridors intersect: Corridor 10 (highway E-75) and Corridor 7 (the River Danube). The Municipality of Indjija covers an area of 385 km², and consists of 11 settlements. Indjija is located at 45º03' north latitude and 20º05' east longitude, at 113m above sea level. Indjija has 52,750 residents and a population density of 130/m2. Indjija is one of the most developed municipalities in Serbia strongly oriented towards use of new technologies in city administration and public services. The municipality has developed an operational e-government public service –System48. System48 is a comprehensive management and accountability system which is partly GIS oriented, allowing municipal leadership to monitor the work of its departments and public utility enterprises, make informed decisions, and improve the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of service delivery. A vital component of the System48 is the portal allowing citizens and businesses alike, to report their concerns and problems related to a variety of issues in regards to the provision of municipal services. Indjija also has established and maintain GIS portal of the municipality enabling the users to view and search the various spatial data: cadastral, infrastructure, addresses, urban plans

Role in the project

Municipality of Indjija will ensure, through close cooperation with partner EGEO, deployment of a further Pilot. Their role will be therefore essential at the early stages of the project as well as during the pilot development, deployment and validation. Last but not least the Municipality will be actively engaged in awareness, networking and dissemination activities, providing the platform to disseminate result at local, national and international level through the activities of the project, with particular relevance to the Living Lab.

Key Staff involved in the project

Mile Bodrozić holds MSc in mathematics and has been working on different IT related projects in the Municipality of Indjija for 11 years. Since 2009, he is director of the Agency for IT, GIS and communications of the Municipality of Indjija.