INDECO SOFT Srl (IND) – Romania

Indeco Soft ( is a leading developer and implementer of eGovernment software in Romania as well as one of the most important integrator of IT solutions for local and central administration (being partner of more than 750 public institutions) who increased its presence with a solution called SIGMA that aims to assist public administration high-level management in the analysis and decisions establishment processes as well as in setting policies and regional development strategies, involving the management of information, resources, costs and relations with partners and citizens. Combining our clients' and our IT specialists' knowledge with permanent law analysis and using modern quality management technologies and our software development teams abilities, we give our products an optimal processing approach, with full security and control management. The user easily finds in our products functionality the processes and the documents flow. Information, communication and technology performance, all found in our applications, next to multi-valent assistant teams, will always be a pleasant way of approaching and solving the problems that define every user responsibility. Some of other projects developed are First workable system in Romania for payment of fees and local taxes through credit card using the internet; Partner in elaborating the new strategy and the Integrated Urban Plan of Baia Mare; Issuance of an dedicated Project Management software for both individual projects & the project portfolio of the Municipality; Partner in an URBACT project (LUMASEC) dealing with the management of Brownfield sites – the project will be follow up with a dedicated GIS for Urban Planning; Issuance of the Romanian One Stop Shop in cooperation with the Electronic Payment Association of Romania (APERO)

Role in the project

Indeco Soft will be actively engaged at a 3 level approach: WP leader for WP 1; Task Leader for T.1.1; T.1.2 & T.1.5 and Assistance to the other partners in developing the activities related to the project in close cooperation with the Municipality of Baia Mare. IND will be engaged in Deployment of "smart" services toolkit (solar potential assessment), in the Awareness, networking and dissemination, in the IPR management and exploitation. IND will play a key role in the deployment of the Pilots for BAIA ensuring technical support throughout the preparation, deployment and validation stage and will contribute to the Awareness, networking and dissemination of the project by organizing workshops and seminars for the Romanian Public Authorities (the Romanian Municipalities Association & the Electronic Payment Association of Romania

Key Staff involved in the project

Ciprian Ghise-General Manager, activating in field of IT since 1995 as diplom-engineer in Computers Science and graduated as MSc in Management. In the beginning worked at Mining Research Institute as a 2D & 3D computer graphic modeller. Involved in public administration software and consultancy, taking part in development of eGov tools, management of integrated IT projects & elaboration of local strategic development plans / Flavia Vlasin-Technical manager running the development, quality assurance and support department- graduated as a software developer at the Romanian Babeş-Bolyai University and skilled in SQL server 2008 Database Development and Project management. Working as a software developer being involved in various national projects involving Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Solutions & Integrated Information System for Public Administration / Vlasin Rubis-graduated in economics in 2004 from the University of North Baia Mare and trained in project management, ESRI software and in ArcGIS configuration and tuning for SQL Servers, GIS workflows and analysis, Multiuser Geodatabases, ArcGIS Server and Managing and editing workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase having knowledge also of similar GIs software such as : ArcGIS, Autocad Maps, MapSys / Dr Ing.  Pietro Elisei-Town and Regional Planner providing services & consultancy in strategic planning, urban renewal/regeneration and regional development. Active as Secretary General of (Rome, Bologna, Milan), the European Journal of Planning Online, Researcher for DipSU (Department of  Urban Studies, Faculty of Architecture, Uniroma3), researching on Design of Urban Policies (focusing on EU promoted Urban Initiatives) & Tools for Territorial/Regional Competitiveness, as International Expert in Integrated  Planning/Urban Regeneration for contracts promoted by the EU Commission and The Romanian Ministry for Housing and Regional Development and as independent researcher in Urban Policies and as practitioner in Urban Planning.